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Soorarai Pottru Movie Review

Suriya wins as both an actor and a producer in Amazon Prime’s exclusive new Tamil release. Here goes our Soorarai Pottru Movie Review.

Soorarai Pottru Movie Review

An engaging, entertaining drama featuring Suriya’s extraordinary act!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Suriya’s latest release in Soorarai Pottru is an explosive, well-established drama that packs in the goods with the right amount of emotions, style and substance. The film truly lives up to the hype by smacking in a terrific performance from Suriya and actually giving him the material to bring out his best.

Soorarai Pottru tracks the story of Nedumaaran Rajangam, a man from Madurai who goes up the ladder with loads of struggle and hurdles on his way. The film starts off by showcasing Maara’s early days and then moves on to how he envisions and executes his dream of making people fly for the cost of just a rupee. The film is on the right gear from the first scene itself, and gives us a lot to cheer about at regular intervals. Despite the slight inconsistencies like the overdose of emotions or some artificiality, the film’s well-developed staging helps it through with elan.

It is Suriya who brings his best foot forward in what is his best film since Ayan. The actor is at full force here, and is such a treat to watch as he brings his intense image to the fore. There are a lot of scenes that leave an impact on our minds, and would warrant repeat watches in the days to come.

On the other hand is Urvashi, who proves the stellar performer that she is with just a handful of scenes. Aparna Balamurali does a fair job as the heroine with the Madurai dialect being executed well, while the rest of the cast fit the tags with just the right acts.

GV Prakash’s superb score lifts up the momentum of the film at many places, while his songs bring out the emotions at the right junctures. Watch out for the little feelings that he brings through the songs, especially in the climax sequence that is a bucket of emotions. The cinematography by Niketh Bommi is very well done as well, with the editing too being done right.

On the whole, Soorarai Pottru is a job well done as it works on the whole as a team effort. After doing loads of films where he stood out as just an actor, Suriya delivers a film where each and every department can be lauded, with him as the producer being the top guard. Highly recommended stuff, this. Soorarai Pottru Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Soorarai Pottru Movie Review Rating: 4/5

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