Oru Nodi Movie Review

Debutant director Manivarman’s Oru Nodi is an engaging thriller that keeps us pinned with its interesting reveals! Down goes our Oru Nodi Movie Review.

Oru Nodi Movie Review

A clean and green thriller worth watching!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Debutant director Manivarman presents an interesting and engaging thriller in the form of Oru Nodi, an interesting police procedural thriller that puts two cases in one film and keeps the proceedings going at a fine pace until the end.

The film starts off with a wife coming in an complaining about the missing case of her husband, and when cop Paruthi takes on the case, it leads on to a lot of reveals. Closer to the interval, the film introduces another subplot that takes it to another level of interesting, and from thereon, the film makes for a compelling watch as it doubles up on its speed and keeps the ball rolling until very end.

The climax is also something which is not entirely predictable, and it adds a lot of meaning to the title making it a fitting finale.

Taman Kumar has done well in the lead role, and the film also has a good supporting cast with MS Bhaskar, Vela Ramamoorthy and the others doing their parts and justifying the narrative.

Technically, Oru Nodi is fine with good music and functional cinematography. On the whole, Oru Nodi is an engaging thriller that keeps us engaged for its runtime.

Oru Nodi Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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