DeAr Movie Review

Aishwarya Rajesh and GVP are superb in this engaging tale of problems and solutions. Down goes our DeAr Movie Review.

DeAr Movie Review

An emotionally tingling film on tolerance in relationships!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Last year, we got a film that was made on the basis of snoring as a problem, and it tasted really good success all round. And now, we have another film that takes up the same topic, spins around a good story and interestingly stays different from the former. And that is DeAr.

DeAr is the story of Deepika and Arjun, a couple who get to meet and get married, only for Arjun to realize later on that his wife has a snoring problem. Director Anand Ravichandran has ensured that he differs in his narration, as he focuses more on the tolerance levels in a relationship more than the ways to look at the solution to the problem. The film has a steady and settled narrative, which works out its runtime at a laid-back pacing, but luckily, we get enough of interesting and emotional moments all along the way.

GV Prakash has performed better than his two recent films here, and this is the best out of the three in terms of the final output. The film also adds a lively angle in the form of sync sound that it has. On the other hand, Aishwarya Rajesh has a terrific role to play, and she does it with perfection. The film also has a great support cast in the form of Kaali Venkat, Rohini and the others who all get a solid scene each.

Dear is also technically solid, as it has superb visuals throughout and GVP’s music also complements the film well. However, the film does have some pacing issues and the familiarity also unfortunately works against it sometimes. Nevertheless, this is a film that you can surely check out as it entertains and does hit you emotionally well too.

DeAr Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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