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Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review

Vadivelu and Anand Raaj work together to bring out some laughs in Suraaj’s latest. Down goes our Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review.

Vadivelu, the comic legend of all time, is back through Naai Sekar Returns, playing a role that has so much potential to make us laugh from start to finish. However, does it really deliver? Not quite in full.

Vadivelu plays Naai Sekar, a man who kidnaps dogs for a ransom. On the other hand, there is Das (Anand Raj), who kidnaps girls. When these two cross over in life, the chaos begins on both sides. Director Suraaj has a fun plot in hand, but what he is not entirely able to do in the film is to bring out good laughter. We are led through a very basic first half that does not work out much, and in comparison, the second half is slightly better that we get to see a handful of good scenes featuring Anand Raaj. The film on the whole is one which does not fully realize its potential, and that’s what we feel is the missing plug.

Naai Sekar has a very good show by Vadivelu, who is comfortable playing the lead role and has a lot of fun antics to go up on. The film does not give him scope to perform as the hugely talented actor that he is, but it gives him a playground to easen up and go jolly on. Anand Raaj is easily the best person in the cast, and there are a lot of sequences where he is able to evoke some chuckles from audiences. The rest of the cast do not have much scope though they play along to ensure that there is a decent amount of color on the frame.

Naai Sekar has decent technicalities which has always been the order with Suraaj’s films. Santhosh Narayanan’s music is a big plus as there is lots to enjoy when his songs come onscreen. The composer has also shot up some scenes in the film with his eclectic background score.

On the whole, Naai Sekar is a baseline comedy that could have been so much better on the whole.

Verdict: A basic, watchable comedy entertainer lit up by Vadivelu and Anand Raaj.

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