Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review

Jiiva shines in another half-baked film that hardly offers good moments. Below goes our Varalaru Mukkiyam Movie Review.

Over the years, Jiiva is an actor who is able to bring a good amount of comedy with him, in all his films. And his latest outing in Varalaru Mukkiyam is said to bring along the same, but does it really deliver?

Varalaru Mukkiyam starts off at sometime in the future, where Jiiva’s character talks about his history of relationships and moves back to the present. The film then tracks the lead character’s story to woo and wed a girl, and the events that take place thereafter. The first half has a few laughs here and there, but as the film moves deeper, it gets too crass and is not funny as well. Somewhere, it feels like director Santhosh Rajan got confused between making a romantic entertainer and an adult comedy.

Jiiva is neat in his part once again, but it’s high time he puts in more effort in finding the right script that chooses his image well. He is an actor who can carry good scripts on his own, but it does’nt seem to be going right for him. Both the leads in Kashmira Pardesi and Pragya are decent fits though they dont offer anything special to the film.

Shaan Rahman’s music is the highlight of the film with the song Mallu Girl working out very well. Otherwise, the technicalities of Varalaru Mukkiyam are on the baseline.

Overall, Varalaru Mukkiyam is a film that could have spelled good fun but there is hardly anything going for it on the whole.

Verdict: A barely acceptable comic caper!

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