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Vijay Anand Movie Review

Rishika Sharma leads us through an interesting story that keeps us pinned for the majority of the runtime. Here goes our Vijay Anand Movie Review. 

Vijay Sankeshwar is a name that everybody in the Southern part of India may be familiar with. And now, we have a biopic on the same name that gets across with many interesting moments from the life of the inspiring individual.

Vijayanand is the biopic of Vijay Sankeshwar that takes a look at his life right from the beginning, and the road to how he amassed such a big following and business for himself, ultimately becoming a politician. The first half of the film is filled with intriguing scenes on how the man started off his business, and there are loads of interesting tidbits throughout. Gopi Sundar’s music is also effective in keeping the narrative packed. It is in the second half that the film slows down a bit, and there could have been more insights into the controversies and troubles in the life of the man.

Nihal Rajput has done a fine job playing Vijay Sankeshwar, as he looks the part and is particularly good in the emotional scenes. However, it is quite a question as to why the team did not go for a popular face than him as it would have got them more attention. Bharat Bopanna is an apt fit to play Anand Sankeshwar. The rest of the cast have also performed well.

The technicalities in the film are neat, and do not hamper the flow anywhere. A special mention to the cinematography by Keerthan Pujari which is impressive.

Rishika Sharma has done her research on the life of Vijay Sankeshwar and has managed to present the film in a way that is both intriguing and inspiring for most parts. Some more care in the second half would have smacked up the quality of the output better, and we would have had a fully engaging film. Nevertheless, Vijay Anand is a film that is not too bad a pick this weekend.

Verdict: An inspiring biopic on the life of Vijay Sankeshwar.

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