Mafia’s backdrop of narcotics was new to me: The Arun Vijay Interview

Picking his scripts carefully and cautiously, Arun Vijay has climbed up the ladder to become a star who is bankable when it comes to delivering interesting thrillers. Mafia is the next in the list for him, and we catch up with him just before the film arrives tomorrow, for a small chat. Read on to know more.

Does the action thriller genre automatically embrace you?

This is a genre that audiences here never get fed up of. I’ve always looked to differentiate between my films in some way or the other, be it the looks or the base of the storyline. So far, I’m getting different characters to play and it has been a nice journey.

What is it that interested you when it comes to Mafia?

Firstly, it was the backdrop of narcotics that was new to me, and there were some surprising statistics that Karthick had brought along, which added to the excitement. However, the film’s backdrop stays put and it is not actually about drugs alone. There are a lot of perspectives to the events, and the way in which the story moves forward was quite fresh.

How was the experience of working with a young talent like Karthick?

Karthick’s mindset was not fully clear as he came in, due to the events related to Naragasooran. But I feel I am a person who shares a good rapport with all my directors, so I sat down with him and spoke to him about how this project could take him two steps higher if he puts his 100% into it. He was fully charged up and excited about what he was doing, and we always complemented each other right from the start to finish.

One thing that gave you a facelift in your career, is your physical transformation. It wasn’t just forced for one film, but you have maintained it overall for all your ventures. Did it inspire you to give a new face to the characters that you play?

When you have a good physique, you gain a lot of confidence. Having such a torso helps in elevating the characters that I play, and I get to carry it better. In Mafia, they have used slim-fitting shirts for my character, much to the extent that even some amount of flab will look very bad on screen. Thanks to my physique, it has helped build my confidence and my image.

What’s next in the lineup, for the days to come?

Agni Siragugal is a film that has been long in the making, mainly due to the changes in the casting and the locations that we shot the film at. I play a man with grey shades, and it is one of the most exciting roles in my career. Apart from that, I have Sinam with Kumaravelan which is currently progressing. For the first time, I am playing a father to a little girl – the film has a strong emotional angle to it. There’s also my new film with Arivazhagan where I essay the role of a RAW officer.

Arun Vijay sure has a lot of projects in hand, which will create a big buzz as they arrive one by one. We wish him the best to scale bigger heights starting with Mafia, which hits the screens tomorrow, the 21st of February.

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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