Velan Movie Review

Mugen makes a mark in his debut outing, Velan is a watchable entertainer. Down goes our Velan Movie Review.

When most actors would like to go in for a normal romantic comedy in their first film, it is an interesting choice by Mugen to go for a commercial entertainer that will be able to satisfy the audiences even in the lowest centres. With Velan, the actor lands into Kollywood with a satisfying effort playing the lead, bringing in a watchable entertainer.

Velan (Mugen) is an aimless student who goes through the struggle of studying 12th standard for 3 years, and then finally comes out of it to step into college. As he falls in love with a fellow student, an unexpected twist comes to the fore and brings new characters into his life.

The first half of Velan progresses with a very basic narrative, with not much to engage the audiences but for Mugen’s charma and the way he carries his character across. It is only in the interval point that the film gains its access to a twist and travels into a different quarter, with the entrance of Soori’s character who adds a lot of fun into the proceedings. The emotional climax stretch might not be great, but the film somewhat gathers itself together in the second half and delivers a satisfying product overall.

Mugen Rao has done well in the titular character of Velan, playing a man who finds his groove over the course of the film. It is quite a confident performance from the actor who should find his way up from here.

Meenakshi as the film’s female lead offers a fine performance as well, with Prabhu and the other actors offering decent support. However, the scene stealer is obviously Soori who owns many comic sequences in the film which make us laugh.

The music by Gopi Sundar is a big plus, with the introductory kuthu number and Sathiyama Sollurendi working wonders for the film. The technical factors are functional otherwise.

On the whole, Velan is a decent entertainer that suffers from a few outdated stretches, but is still watchable because of Mugen and the music, apart from some good comic sequences involving Soori.  Velan Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A fine entertainer highlighted by Mugen’s presence and the comedy. 

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