Plan Panni Pannanum Movie Review

The Rio Raj - Bala Saravanan combo gives us a fair share of laughs in Plan Panni Pannanum. Below goes our Plan Panni Pannanum Movie Reveiw.

Badri Venkatesh, with his next effort as a feature film director, comes out with an interesting plot in Plan Panni Pannanum that leads to many sequences that have a lot of fun in them.

Sembian (Rio Raj) works in an IT company along with his best friend Raju (Bala Saravanan). When Raju’s sister elopes with a man, Sembian and Raju plan to kidnap his sister’s best friend in order to find them a way to answers. As they go on the journey, they run into many interesting characters that have a bunch of both silliness and fun in them.

Badri Venkatesh has ensured that his film is not going to be entirely serious, and that there will be a fun factor in every scene that it has. The film has a cool plot that sounds very interesting, but there are some scenes that land well and some that don’t quite hit the spot. After a funny first half that has a lot of good comic skits, the film takes up a slightly melodramatic space in the second half and has many emotional beats in it.

Rio Raj comes up with a decent performance that gives the film what it needs and is ably supported by Bala Saravanan’s role that many hilarious bits in it. The film gains a lot from its female lead Ramya Nambeesan, who has a solid part to play and carries out the comic portions well. Watch out for the sentimental parts of the film with Aadukalam Naren, which add a different shade to the lighthearted parts that it has. The supporting cast in Robo Shankar, Thangadurai and the others add value to the funny bits of the film.

Plan Panni Pannanum does not have great technical values but Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music gives it a nice feel, taking it through in a smooth fashion. Songs like the title track, Ennodu Vaa and the closing bit song are nice ones, working out a good partnership with the director again.

On the whole, Plan Panni Pannanum is a time pass entertainer that can be watched without expecting too much out of it.

Verdict: A simple, time pass comic caper.

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