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Vaazhl Movie Review

Arun Prabhu scores well with his second film, which is an experience on its own terms. Below goes our Vaazhl Movie Review.

Vaazhl Movie Review

An enchanting trip that serves good food for thought.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Arun Prabhu Purushothaman’s Aruvi was an interesting new attempt that squared a very emotional angle and kept us tied up. In his second film Vaazhl, the director decides to travel in a different direction and bring in a new shade to what he has already showcased with his first film.

Vaazhl is the story of Prakash (Pradeep), a man who is forced to change his path from the usuals that he runs into everyday, leading to many exciting events on his way. The film’s biggest plus is the pattern in which it is narrated, which has an unpredictable and inspiring vibe to it at most parts. The film moves along at a splendid pace in the first half, with a tightly packed narrative. It is only in the second half that it mellows down a bit, moving into an artistic territory which tends to bring us amazing visuals but slightly brings down the overall essence of the film.

Pradeep, who plays the lead role, is a good performer who fits the role physically. However, his effort in the emotional scenes could have been more. Bhanu and Diva are the likable female characters in the film, with a special mention to the little boy as well.

Vaazhl is bestowed with superb cinematography by Shelley Calist, amazing editing by Raymond Crasta and of course – the apt music put in by Pradeep Kumar. The technical factors of the film raise it leaps and bounds above the original value.

On the whole, Vaazhl works both as a travelogue and a tragicomedy, and is a splendid sophomore attempt from Arun Prabhu. The film’s second half may not gel well with one and all, but there’s a lot of life essence in it that serves as food for thought. It is not everyday that we get films like these, so it is good to cherish them while we have it.  Vaazhl Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Vaazhl Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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