Uyire Web Series Review

ZEE5’s free-to-air show Uyire is a family drama that takes itself through twisted streets. Here goes our review for this web series.

Uyire Web Series Review

An engaging family drama with likable characters all round!

The coronavirus lockdown has forced one and all to retort to their home televisions for films and other content, across the multiple platforms which are available out there. But Tamil audiences have to search long and hard before they can actually put a finger on a quality show which is present in the open. While web-series are good enough for a day’s viewing or two, Tamil TV channels are yet to come out of the cocoon of making serials for the elderly group alone. At this point of time, ZEE5 free web series Uyire comes off as a whiff of fresh air and delivers a neat family drama that is packed with some unexpected turns as well.

Uyire runs behind the story of a retired army general and his family of five, which includes his loving wife and three daughters who have their own world of problems that they have to attend to. Over the course of 50+ episodes, Uyire pins in a myriad of feelings from the different characters that it has, and how their relationships tie and untie.

An everyday TV serial would have made Uyire’s characters and situations into pure mannequins or heavy-hearted characters who do not possess any normal traits, but Uyire puts a modern twist to the incidents taking place and does not let it venture into melodramatic quarters.

The good things that the show possesses are mainly the performances from the cast, who do not miss a trick in portraying the roles they are assigned with. The cast is led by the man who plays Raghavan. While most modern shows have picked safe roles for the elderly ones and make it a point to showcase the younger ones in the family as spoilt brats, Uyire takes the brave choice of presenting all the characters with negative shades, starting with the one on top. The amounts of tension that a branched out family has to go through is displayed on all levels of the show, and that’s what makes it click on the whole. Watch out for the performances of the daughters, especially Keerthi, who is the best of the lot onscreen.

Uyire’s foreign backdrop helps the show visually as well, while the technicalities of the show are also decently handled by the different departments.

On the whole, Uyire is a good watch if you are a sucker for family dramas that manage to hold your attention even though they run on for a long time. The show has some dry patches here and there, but it doesn’t stop itself from keeping us invested in what is going to happen in the family. Uyire Web Series Review by Only Kollywood

Uyire Web Series Review Rating: 3.25/5

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