TFPC is scheming to impede my growth: Vadivelu

As #Pray_For_Naesamani started trending nationwide for the past few days, a lot of popular news channels got in touch with veteran comedian Vadivelu to register his reaction about the viral trend.

While he thanked his fans and expressed awe at the sudden trending topic, he also blasted the Tamil Film Producers Council for stalling his under-production projects. “TFPC is working against me. The entire team is scheming to impede my growth. If you see the scene from Friends, which is trending everywhere, it’s because of the freedom I had from director Siddiqui. Now, the directors are not understanding it,” said Vadivelu whose Imsai Arasan 24-Aam Pulikesi has been put on the backburner due to creative differences between him and director Chimbu Devan.

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