Tamil Kudimagan Movie Review

Cheran delivers a strong performance in this socially charged drama. Down goes our Tamil Kudimagan Movie Review.

No other film industry in India has been as consistent as Tamil cinema in bringing about films that talk against caste and oppression. In the same line, director Esakki Karvanan arrives with Tamil kudimagan, a straightforward and at times impactful drama featuring Cheran in the lead.

Cheran plays the role of Chinnasamy, a man from a lower caste who studies hard and tries to become a VAO, in order to move out of his current job as a funeral priest. As the village and its situations stop him from doing so, he continues to strive hard to move out of his current work atmosphere, as he believes that it will bring him out of the caste-directed mindset of the people around him. The story of the film is about how Chinnasamy goes in his path to achieve his dreams, and also enables the people around him to dream bigger. The film finally moves onto a courtroom drama, where law is pulled into the equation and driven ahead to a conclusion.

Tamil Kudimagan does its job well in setting the platform of the proceedings, but it does not do anything new to what it has in hand. The film has many good dialogues, but its old fashioned placement acts against it and gives it nothing to cheer for. Though the first half has some heart-touching moments, the second half only has a couple of good scenes with the courtroom scenes not offering much.

The music and the technicalities of the film are functional, and there’s nothing great about it, while still doing the job.

On the whole, Tamilkudimagan is a decent social drama that could have done with more weight.

Verdict: A somewhat engaging social drama that is well-intended. 

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