Jawan Movie Review

An all time blockbuster is here for SRK, showing us in an all-new style! Here goes our Jawan Movie Review.

Jawan Movie Review

A wholesome mass entertainer that truly delivers great fun!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Shah Rukh Khan is one star who is known for his romantic face worldwide, also labelled as the master of romance. Taking him in along with his action image and turning him into a massy star is exactly what Atlee has done with Jawan – a winning commercial entertainer that rocks the stage completely.

Jawan is a story of a man against the system, how he has a team who are brought down by their pain, and how they come together to smack up a noise and make everybody notice. The film masterfully brings in a superb commercial screenplay that has so much to cheer for, giving us whistle-worthy moments, a strong emotional core and an entertainment factor that does not drop the baton at any point. The film keeps going from point to point by getting done with its plot points, emotional beats and fun elements without overdoing any of them. This is easily Atlee’s best work when it comes to his commercial screenplay, as there is no dull moment whatsoever and the film moves at a jet pace with highs coming one after the other.

Shah Rukh Khan opens up his massy side, and totally enjoys playing his mass role with great differences shown for both the characters. Jawan is indeed a different side of the star at this stage of his career, and it has just come at the right time with the right power.

After a long time, Nayanthara has excelled in an action packed role that gives us so much to cheer about, and she looks absolutely superb on screen. Vijay Sethupathi has a low key avatar in the first half, but is completely on the money in the second half. The film gives very good weight to its supporting characters too, and that’s a winning point too.

Anirudh’s music is definitely the backbone of Jawan, the composer once again delivers his best in terms of the BGM in the film. There are so many memorable tracks throughout the film, which will be enjoyed in full by the mass audiences.

A hat tip to GK Vishnu’s extraordinary cinematography which hits it out of the park along with Ruben’s editing which is intended on not leaving out any breathing time between the highs of the film.

Jawan is 3 hours long but it hardly feels that way, the film does a great job of being a superb entertainer all the way. The film is definitely worth watching on the big screens, for the fun it delivers. Jawan Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Jawan Movie Review Rating: 4/5

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