Taana Movie Review

The concept of Puberphonia gets used for a barely passable ride in Taana. Down goes our Taana movie review.

Following Sixer, Vaibhav is back with another entertainer that has an interesting premise – Taana. The film is bent on the concept of Puberphonia – where a man’s voice changes into that of a female when he is overjoyed or facing deep stress. Taana is all about how a cop who suffers from such a disorder gets to solve a case, with director Yuvaraj trying to bring in laughs at every corner.

Taana’s core concept is a peculiar one which could have been made into a thoroughly entertaining film, but what stops it from getting there is that it does not have many interesting scenes to help us sit through it. The first forty minutes concentrate on the comic portions as we are introduced to the characters, with some supernatural elements coming thereafter. The second half is all about an investigative drama that makes use of some clichéd plot points and still stays below the line of an entertaining film.

Vaibhav is earnest once again, and somewhat pulls off some comic scenes, but one surely wishes for emotional connect in the background. There is not much of a chemistry with the heroine, and the scenes with Yogi Babu too evoke only mild laughter. Technically, Taana is alright with Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music doing just what is required too.

On the whole, Taana falls under the brackets of an entertainer that is barely passable if you’re looking for nothing but a bag of jokes.

Verdict: Time pass.

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