Veppam Kulir Mazhai Movie Review

Debutant director Pascal Vedamuthu makes a mark with this emotional rural drama. Here goes our Veppam Kulir Mazhai Movie Review.

Veppam Kulir Mazhai Movie Review

An impressive and realistic drama on family and infertility issues.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Rural dramas have taken a break in the recent past because of their lack of their quality, but finally, we get a film that is packed with a realistic storyline, interesting episodes and good performances.

Veppam Kulir Mazhai tells us the story of a couple who get married, but are soon targeted for infertility issues, and how they get through the various hurdles to have a baby and proceed further with life. The film’s first half shows us how the couple come together, and their episodes in the early days after marriage. The second half is where the film actually shows its greatness, as the conflict rises up with a lot at stake. Director Pascal showcases the real pain in having a baby, as he goes through the process step by step.

Debutant Dhirav has done very well in the lead role, playing a worried man who tries to find solutions to his problems. Supporting him superbly is Ismath Banu as the female lead, who has a strong role to play. Rama and MS Bhaskar have good parts to play as well.

The film is technically neat though it has the feeling of a TV serial at times. On the flipside, some might find the content of the film too sad to handle, as it deals with a delicate subject. However, the team has managed to put across some very good points, and that is the big plus of the film.

On the whole, Veppam Kulir Mazhai is a neatly written realistic drama that works thanks to its emotional core and the performances.  Veppam Kulir Mazhai Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Veppam Kulir Mazhai Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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