Hot Spot Movie Review

Vignesh Karthick’s third film is an entertaining watch that will prick your mind. Down goes our Hot Spot Movie Review.

Hot Spot Movie Review

A humorous and entertaining film that throws up the right questions!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

After making his debut with Thittam Irandu and doing Adiyae next, director Vignesh Karthick is back with his third film Hot Spot – a smaller yet well thought out modern day film that showcases four different stories and discusses their solutions.

The film has a filmmaker (Vignesh Karthick himself) narrating a story to a producer, and by his storyline, it has four short(er) films that come together as one. The producer listens to the stories one by one, and finds a common factor between them that he is actually not able to put a finger on the source of the problem in these storylines, as it puts the characters in a ‘hot spot’.

The first story between Aadhitya Bhaskar and Gouri Kishan is whacky and inventive, as it shows the relationship between a couple and the conditions they have to go through before and after their wedding. What is funny here is in how Vignesh has taken a totally opposite POV to the situation, and the story clicks thanks to its uniqueness.

In the second story, we kind of see an extension piece to what we have seen in Dulquer’s Solo, and it has a funny yet tough situation in it.

The third story (probably the best of the lot), is a perfect questionnaire to today’s young gen word, and how men and women misunderstand the difference between love and lust. The film’s final story is an emotional one, but one does feel it goes too far to convey its point, and is also disconnected from the others in terms of its relatability.

Vignesh ensures that his film is technically well done on the whole, and he is able to bring about his intent despite the miniscule budget in hand. However, sometimes, the film feels disconnected from the core intent and may not turn out to be as influential or impactful as the director wanted it to be.

On the whole, Hot Spot is worth a watch for sure, it is a unique and thought-provoking film that questions today’s taboo topics.  Hot Spot Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Hot Spot Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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