Netru Indha Neram Movie Review

Netru Indha Neram is one of those films with interesting plot, but it could have been a better output. Below goes our Netru Indha Neram Movie Review.

It is always sort of interesting when a film is about a serial killer, and has a murder element in it. In the same line, Shariq Hassan’s Netru Indha Neram is a film that has a cool plot which can create a good amount of tension around it.

However, the film snaps out of its positives very soon, and there is only little that it can do in its runtime to keep us thrilled or intrigued. Netru Indha Neram follows the story of a group of friends who go off to Ooty to have fun, and how they come into crossroads with a serial killer. The film’s interogation scenes do offer some interest to the audience, but it is not able to hold the boat for long.

Shariq Hassan has performed decently well in the film, but the rest of the cast are not good fits. Technically, the film is functional.

Sai Roshan, the writer and director of the film, could have added more interesting elements in the writing to make Netru Indha Neram a better film on the whole. Right now, it is a barely watchable thriller.

Verdict: A minimally engaging thriller. 

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