Soundarya R Ashwin gets coveted award

Before even the release of here magnum-opus Kochadaiyaan, Soundarya Ashwin has started getting accolades for her dream project. Last night, Soundarya was awarded the NDTV Indian of the year for the Technical Innovation in Film. Kochadaiiyaan, which is releasing on May 9 is India’s photo realistic motion capture film shot on the lines of Speilberg’s The Adventures of Tintin and James Cameron’s Avatar.

Soundarya received her award from the Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. “Animation is not cartoon and Kochadaiiyaan is not a cartoon. It captures actions”, said Soundarya upon receiving the honor. Kochadaiiyaan is releasing on May 9 across the globe in more than 3500 screens and set to break all the overseas records in screen counts.