Simbu’s humble request ‘as a true Thala fan’

When the social media war between Ajith and Vijay fans on Twitter took an ugly turn yesterday, Simbu wished the Vijay for his birthday and put forth his humble request to fans to stop hate tags in a series on tweets.

As a true #Thala fan I request fans and haters to stop negative tags since that’s not our intension and what v r … #Liveandletlive Thanks. My kind request to Vijay Anna fans as well to stop trolling and hurting others and that’s not what u give back to ur star as a true fan. I request all fans of any big or small stars to show their love and support for their beloved star instead of hating and putting down others. I understand every fans intention to give it back but do it in a postive way and show ur power and love instead of negativity #spreadlove. I can very well utilize the situation to those who trolled and insulted me ..But let’s us b matured and humane since that’s r true nature. This seperation kills us from our true self and v lose r really identity .Let’s us respect humans first before our cast religion or country,” [sic] posted Simbu on his Twitter page.

Simbu has come back from his holiday in the UK and will resume Gautham Menon’s Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada from today. He will also complete the pending song shoot for Vaalu from next week with Hansika.

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