Sathyaraj plays social messiah in Theerpukal Virkapadum

Theerpukal Virkapadum” shall showcase Sathyraj as a social messiah. Producer Sajeev Meera Shahib says, “We are indeed delighted to do a film with Sathyaraj Sir as the lead. He has got an amazing power of positivity that spreads to all. This script demanded his presence. When director Dheran narrated the script to me we mutually accepted that only Sathyaraj Sir can play this role. Such is the message and such is the aura of the name Sathyaraj Sir. As a Producer, I opted to choose to produce this film in Tamil since I strongly believed that the reach would be much bigger. Moreover, Tamil Nadu has been the breeding ground for social justice and will be forever. We are commencing the shoot by mid-December”

Director Dheran who has also written the story says, “When we were asked to source a popular name to announce the title of our film, we instantly decided upon Thirumurugan Gandhi because of his presence in social activities.”

Dheran also added: “Theerpukal Virkapadum” is based on true events, our commitment is to provide quality entertainment with a social message through this exciting action thriller. We are confident that the film will keep the audience on the edge of the seats frame to frame”.

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