Sathyaraj’s daughter Divya denies rumors on politics

Divya Sathyaraj has been practicing as a nutritionist for 6 years and is the brand ambassador of Akshaya Patra which is the world’s largest mid-day meal programme. Recently a popular website declared Divya as the number one nutritionist in South India. She is also ranked among the top 3 nutritionists in India.

Divya had written a letter to the PM addressing negligence and corruption in the medical field which went viral and has been in touch with Dr.Radhakrishnan (Health secretary of TN) and had met Sengottaiyan (Education minister of TN) regarding improving the mid-day meal programme in govt schools. Recently there have been rumours about Divya joining the communist party ever since she spoke highly of communist party leader R.Nallakannu in an interview.

“I am a communist at heart; communism is built around equality and ending exploitation. I know a lot about Nallakannu Sir. He is an example of how a politician should live with simplicity and dignity and he is also someone who will sacrifice anything to uphold the principles of a casteless society, right now my focus is on making sure the underprivileged children of Tamil Nadu get adequate nutrition through Akshaya Patras mid day meal programme,” she said in a statement.

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