Petromax Movie Review

Tamannaah and the gang of comedians bring us a bag of laughs in this acceptable horror comedy. Down goes our Petromax Movie Review.

Petromax Movie Review

Thrills and spills in fair portions!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

When Rohin Venkatesan came up with the idea of remaking Anando Brahma, it seemed to be a very good one. Despite the overdoing of horror comedies in Tamil cinema, this is a remake that is different in its own way. Petromax comes off as a decent entertainer that will please the fans of the genre, but for the others, it would just be a borderline passable film. 

Petromax deals with a house and the drama surrounding it. Premkumar comes in as a man who wants to sell his house after his parents pass away, but surprisingly, there are four ghosts who reside inside. To prove the people from the surroundings wrong, he brings in four men to stay in the house for a few days. However, things go the funny way as all the four have unique qualities/disorders of their own – Munishkanth behaves in the opposite way of his emotions, Kaali Venkat is a drunkard, TSK is a wannabe actor who knows to imitate famous scenes of Tamil cinema and Sathyan is a patient of night blindness and is deaf too. The funny incidents that take place in the house also lead to the truths behind the story, ending up in some fun. 

The first half of Petromax is sluggish with only few good moments but the second half pulls up its socks with lot of ROFL moments. The ending of the film gives us the details on what really happened, surprising in a way. 

Tamannaah has a fairly good role to play and does her part nicely. Out of the supporting actors, each and every one get their moment to score but it is TSK who walks away with most of the applause. Yogi Babu has an interesting cameo appearance which is presented in crowd-friendly fashion. 

Ghibran’s music ups the horror quotient of the film wherever possible, while the cinematography does a good job at capturing the various events in the house.

On the whole, Petromax is a fairly good horror comedy that does adopt some cliches but entertains to an extent as well.  Petromax Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Petromax Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5


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