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Puppy Movie Review

Debutant director Murattu Single (Nattu Dev) makes a jolly good film that is fun while it lasts. More in our Puppy Movie Review below.

Puppy Movie Review

A simple, sweet feel-good drama that is enjoyable on the whole!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

When a film comes by with its trailer indicating it to be an adult comedy and the director’s name being mentioned as Murattu Single, our thoughts definitely go on to look at it like an adult film. The perception of Puppy from the trailers may have been that way, but the film is more to it than what meets the eye, being a feel-good drama that goes about the idea of love, affection and birth. 

Puppy tells us the story of a college-goer who is suspended for six months, and ends up learning a lot in the time that he spends at home. 

At the baseline, the film is a coming-of-age story that is packed with commercial elements all the way. Director Murattu Single (who reveals his real name to be Nattu Dev) fills his narrative with relatable, enjoyable incidents that are close to real life.

There is a jolly mood that constantly prevails in the first half of the film, taking a startling turn at the interval point. The second half is sort of an emotional rollercoaster, with the dog’s trouble and the relationship angle being opened up in full swing. Though the climax does feel dramatic and abrupt at the same time, the end result of the film is acceptable. 

Look forward to a good performance from Varun, who makes a fine debut as the lead. Kudos to him for taking up a single-take shot in his first film itself; his confidence in comic scenes is another advantage. While Samyuktha Hegde neatly comes in as the female lead, the film has few other nice characters such as Marimuthu the dad, the college friends and so. Undoubtedly, the show stealer is Yogi Babu who brings the roof down with his one liners at frequent intervals. 

Dharankumar’s music is another asset – all the songs are pleasant, making it a good album on the whole. Dipak Kumar Padhy’s cinematography is useful in creating the happy mood, and it works very well especially in the song visuals. 

Overall, Puppy is an engaging, feel-good tale that has something in for everybody. Nattu Dev has taken up a very simple concept, turning it into a watchable film that you can enjoy with your friends. Puppy Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Puppy Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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