Naan E

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Direction and Screenplay

Go for it, Ee flied high!

Positives : Sudeep, Fly (Ee), BGM, Screenplay. Negatives : Quite lengthy in second half.



We entered into the screen as many would have went. A fly taking revenge? It’s gonna be kiddish and mess up. But after watching it, we felt we were wrong. The director SS Rajamouli made it happen with a neat concept and with good animation works. Take a bow for it!!

Nani is a charming lover boy who keeps on going behind Samantha for years. As every girl does, Samantha also doesn’t want to show off her love interest on Nani. The story plot moves on for mins with this sequnce and with a couple of songs.

Sudeep, is a millionaire business man where every girl would get flatter with his charm & style. In a situation, Samantha meets up Sudeep for a charity donation purpose. Sudeep gets attracted with Samantha’s beauty and he wants to attain her. Sudeep coming to know once that Samantha is not interested on him and she does have an affair with Nani. Sudeep kills Nani and then begins the movie!

Nani’s soul gets into an egg of a Fly (Ee) and then he comes out with mass BGM like our hero’s introduction. Initially the Fly doesn’t know that the birth of his, is for a revenge and it revolves around. In a time, the Ee sees Sudeep and getting to know his flashback. From then, the fly troubles Sudeep to hell and even wants to kill him. Samantha coming to know once that the fly is Nani and she too helps it for the revenge. Does the fly took revenge and kills Sudeep, comes in the entire second half. Santhanam comes for a single scene and we didn’t know what for he came. May be, his scenes would have trimmed while editing we guess.

Performances: Sudeep is the only man in the movie needed to perform and he had done his best ever. We are sure many awards awaits for him for this outstanding performance. Though Nani comes for 20 – 30 mins, he too had done his part quite well as a lover boy. Since she is charming beauty, we even do not bothered about Samantha’s performance. Quite emotional and expressive role for her and she does her part too. Than all, the Fly (Ee) rocked through the animation techniques and hearty congrats to the technical team of this flick for never letting down at any instance. Kids will love to see the Ee in action..



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