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Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review

Arun Vijay is efficient in this fast paced thriller that has many good phases. Down goes our Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review

A different try for Vijay with an action packed thriller!

Story & Narration
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AL Vijay, a director known for his softer and emotionally relatable films, changes his style to adapt to the ongoing trend of action in Tamil Cinema, and rightfully brings out his version of an elevation action thriller in Mission starring Arun Vijay in the lead.

The film is based on a father-daughter bond where the father has to leave the country to London, in order to get the highest level of treatment for his daughter who is suffering from a serious medical condition. Once he moves there however, he is struck with some bad luck and he finds himself inside one of the biggest prisons. However, the man has a lot of truths in history which are unveiled one by one in the film. In trying to bring out a prison break thriller, director AL Vijay has tried to infuse a lot twists and tricks into his screenplay, and keeps giving the audience a shot at high moments every now and then. After the 20th minute, the film kicks up in pace and until the interval block, it is quite engaging. However, the second half gets a little repetitive and cliched, but Vijay picks it up with his clever use of ideas here and there.

Arun Vijay has once again delivered an impressive and intense performance in the role of the father with a truckload of skills, and the film gives him a lot of mass moments to deal with. The actor shoulders the film throughout and does exceedingly well in the fight sequences.

Baby Iyal is wonderful again, with a very cute presence. Nimisha Sajayan is a neat fit while Amy Jackson works out her action sequences very well. The rest of the cast are quite limited in their parts.

On the whole, Mission Chapter 1 is a mostly engaging thriller that sees Vijay move out of his comfort zone and try out something different.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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