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Ayalaan Movie Review

Sivakarthikeyan's long awaited film lives up to the energy it promised! Below goes our Ayalaan Movie Review.

Ayalaan Movie Review

A clean and enjoyable entertainer tailor made for the kids!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

It has been long since Tamil cinema has got, or even tried to make a film in the Disney/Pixar space, and finally, we get close to that with Ayalaan which is a happy and joyous entertainer that will please the little ones in the family for sure.

Ayalaan has the simple storyline of an alien coming down to earth with a mission, but the film is not about the storyline but it’s intent to create small moments consistently that keep the audiences engaged fully. The first half takes off and goes at a decent pace, but the film picks up and becomes super entertaining once the alien enters the scene. Watch out for some fun sequences in the first half, which slowly transform into an exhilarating sequence at the interval point. In the second half, the film almost entirely shifts into a sci-fi action thriller while still keeping the kid friendly element intact.

Sivakarthikeyan has done justice to his role, and there are interesting portions for him all along the film as he shares a terrific rapport on screen with the alien.

The film benefits big time with the relationship that the two of them share, with the supporting actors such as Yogi Babu, Karunakaran and heroine Rakul Preet offering good lighter moments. It is only the villain’s side that is weak with nothing interesting going on there, and some more spice to the proceedings there would have helped it further.

Technically, Ayalaan is terrific with the cinematography being superb and the editing almost on point. The film will be remembered as one of the best VFX outings in Tamil Cinema, as the VFX is pitch perfect throughout the film. Rahman’s songs are misfires mostly in the film, but his BGM smacks in for the things we need in the film.

On the whole, Ayalaan is a generously entertaining film for the kids and a fun one for those who accompany them.

Ayalaan Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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