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Captain Miller Movie Review

Dhanush is spectacular in this fully packed action drama. Here goes our Captain Miller Movie Review.

Captain Miller Movie Review

A bloody and brutal entertainer filled with exciting moments!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

After a long wait, Dhanush’s action packed period drama Captain Miller has finally hit the screens and it brings along a great level of excitement along with it.

The film is a fictional story based in the pre-independence era, where a man grows from his oppressed state to serve in the British army, find his way out only to fight against the British themselves at the end. Captain Miller tackles the journey of Eesan, why and how he got to be called Miller and the different stories behind his struggle to set things straight for his kith and kin.

Surprisingly, Arun Matheswaran has bettered what he had done with his earlier films, by having a stronger screenplay which was lacking early on, but he still sticks to his steadily paced narrative, his brutality in action sequences and the pain of his characters which he also seemed to carry well earlier. The first half of the film is absolutely superb as it carries many well written and well shot portions which capture our attention. The interval block is one of the best sequences in the film, a fast paced and racy one which never backs down. In the second half, the film slows down and becomes a little unimportant but is saved by the pure electricity and engagement factor in the action sequences which make it a great watch on the whole.

Dhanush has once again proved how good he is in such roles, and Captain Miller feels like the icing on the cake which was already registered by Asuran, Karnan and the likes. The man is so good when he is showing pain, and Arun Matheswaran has used that side of the actor superbly apart from the mass value he gets to play with in the action sequences.

Shivrajkumar has a small but important part to play, and Sundeep Kishen gets a solid cameo too. Priyanka Mohan gets a well written role that is different from what she has done so far, and she does justice to her character.

After Dhanush, it is GV Prakash who is the solid second hero of the film as he provides an extraordinary score for the film. GVP surely would have broken some drums as he brings out what could be one of his best works since Aayirathil Oruvan. The cinematography by Siddhartha Nuni is outstanding too.

On the whole, Captain Miller is a terrific action film that entertains despite its flaws. 

Captain Miller Movie Review Rating: 4/5

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