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“l have never thought of myself as a supreme human being,” says Trisha

Trisha Krishnan, one of the long-standing lead heroines down South, celebrated her birthday in New York where she is currently holidaying with her mother and a few friends.

She penned a moving thanks note for all the love showered on her by fans and well-wishers. “A bit of a grumpy and hasty kick-start to my b’day was exactly what I needed to realize how blessed I am. l have never thought of myself as a supreme human being but right now I’m starting to think I must be some kind of an angel because only angels can have this much niceness happen to them. My mom and friends who went out of their way to fly to New York from India, Canada and Jersey leaving behind busiest schedules just to be with me*Pls know you guys have my love, gratitude, and loyalty forever! To have people who have your back irrespective of anything is a rarity these days and I am proud to say I stand tall and humbled surrounded by them”, said Trisha.

“My darling fans and well-wishers.The pics, memes, posts, creative designs, etc..Yes, I proudly declare I have the most loyal fans no matter where I stand on the professional or personal ground. it is true because of you guys I fly most of the time*NEWYORK- Thank you for always being home and for having given me the most beautiful childhood memories the 8 years I lived here.GOD-I know I am your most favorite child purely because you go out of your way to make sure I know and feel it.Amen to a blessed year ahead,” she added.

Trisha has a host of projects under various stages of production including Sathuranga Vettai 2,  Mohini, Garjanai, Hey Jude and 96.

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