Kutty Story Movie Review

Venkat Prabhu’s film is the best of the lot in this anthology featuring four established directors. Down goes our Kutty Story Movie Review.

The anthology segment is getting really crowded here in Tamil cinema, with the OTT arena already finding some traffic. And still, Kollywood finds a way to build an anthology for the big screen, and pack it up with some well known directors. Kutty Story is the very first time that a Tamil anthology with different directors comes to the big screen, and it features films from Gautham Menon, Vijay, Venkat Prabhu and Nalan Kumarasamy.

The four films deal with different aspects of love. Gautham Menon’s story is in his alley, dissecting a ‘platonic’ relationship, Vijay’s story deals with the problems surrounding an abortion, Venkat Prabhu takes a dive into the gaming world, while Nalan Kumarasamy takes a minimalistic route with a post-marital affair. All the four films follow similar runtimes and are dipped in the urban world majorly. The film is indeed an upmarket present on the whole, but the sad part here is in how not even one of the stories impress in full. While a couple of the stories are fair enough, the others are barely watchable.

Gautham Menon’s story brings up too much of his elements, and with an overload of dialogues. Vijay’s film is decent, and though it is a rehash of his own feature film Karu, it has a nice ending that makes it finish on a good note. Venkat Prabhu gets really creative with his film, giving it lots of animation and a little twist too. And finally, Nalan Kumarasamy impresses in bits and pieces with his interestingly placed story that falls short of greatness due to some forced urban culture and some awkwardness in the dialogues.

In terms of the performances, it is Aditi Balan in Nalan’s film who brings a lot of life into the proceedings. It’s a completely different outing for her from her debut, and that’s what makes it click. The rest of the cast are unanimously decent.

The technicalities are fine, with not much being done but for Venkat Prabhu’s film which has a lot of CG work which is cool to see.

On the whole, Kutty Story is a plain and watchable anthology, but might pique your interest for its cast and design. Kutty Story Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Verdict: A just-about-par anthology that is a decent watch on the whole.

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