Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review

Santhanam and Prithviraj make this a fun ride! Here goes our Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review.

Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review

A likable laughathon!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Being a film that comes from the combination that made A1, one can expect a good load of jokes in Santhanam’s newest film Parris Jeyaraj, which has the actor playing a gaana singer.

Parris Jeyaraj follows the story of a gaana singer, who hits a roadblock in his life after his love topples over. Parris (Santhanam) has a loud relationship with his father, an advocate in the city. As he finds himself another singing deal through a college girl Divya (Anaika Soti). Parris’ father helps him track down the girl and win her love, but many more surprises await him on the way to his love’s victory.

Parris Jeyaraj’s first half plods along with no proper intent, and is busy cracking jokes which aren’t worth much laughter. But director Johnson pulls up his socks towards the interval by throwing up a nice little twist which gives room to a lot of drama in the second half. The film is long drawn out with loads of chaos comedy in the latter half that leads to a final run which is better than what we see in the entire film.

Santhanam has a fair role to play and gives it what is necessary, but it is really Prithviraj who steals the show as the father caught in a lot of trouble. It’s been a while since someone has taken up such a role and owned it with almost the hero’s screen time being equalled up to him. Anaika Soti is the lead heroine of the film and has a good role overall, having a fine presence with Santhanam onscreen. The film has loads of characters, mostly bringing them back from A1 and holding them in here.

Santhosh Narayanan’s peppy music helps the film – especially the first and the last songs in Bacha Bachikey and Puli Manga Pulip. The cinematography and the other technicalities are alright and fit the requirements of a commercial entertainer.

On the whole, Parris Jeyaraj is a likable entertainer where the second half pays off if you can sit through the first one. The comics are not at large but this is time pass stuff to say the least.  Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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