Kurup Movie Review

Kurup is an engaging trip into the life of India’s most wanted fugitive. Below goes our Kurup Movie Review.

Kurup Movie Review

A mostly impressive crime drama led by its very good performances.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Director Srinath Rajendran’s Kurup may not have realized the entire potential that it has with its premise and its storyline, but the film does offer a good load of intrigue as we take a look into one of India’s most wanted fugitives.

The film is the story of Sudhakara Kurup, a con/fugitive who has gone down in the history books as a man who has not been pinned down till date. The film takes whatever it can from the pages of history, and puts together a half-realistic, half-cinematic tale that merges facts and fiction. Kurup’s first half starts off in a chapter model, with the character being introduced to us through his associates, his ladylove and also those who struck a pursuit for him. The film crawls along in the first half with a pretty clear yet not-so-interesting route, which slowly builds up the stage which will go big in the second half. Post the interval point, everything feels as if it is on a nitro boost, as we get closer to the events that actually took place and begin to feel the weight of Kurup’s character. Though a re-narration process does roll out, Kurup has a good set of interesting incidents to offer, making it a rewarding ride by the end.

The efforts put in by the team to jot down incidents from Kurup’s life are appreciable, but it had to be done with a little more of interest generation.

Dulquer is simply outstanding playing the terrific character of Kurup, which comes laden with many shades that are split out and exhibited well over the runtime of the film. The star’s impactful and stylish performance is the numero uno reason why the film will be remembered in the long run.

Supporting him very well are the ever-dependable Shine Tom Chacko and Indrajith, who both have very good roles to play and run the show well. However, some characters like that of Sobhita Dhulipala are brushed aside from the importance of the film and turn out to be decent fits to the roles.

One of Kurup’s biggest pillars would be the music by Sushin Shyam, which is a fantastic support to the narrative. At many instances, Shyam’s music ups the visuals of the film by leaps and bounds and provides excitement on its own. The stellar cinematography and edit pattern complement the intent of the film well and take it forward with least deviations.

Toting up, Kurup is a slightly patchy yet punchy crime drama that is worth a watch for its second half where the mercury shoots up. Dulquer Salmaan’s really good performance is something that makes this a very good experience, in addition to the technicality and a strong support cast.  Kurup Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Kurup Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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