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Krishnam is a devotional film based on true incidents

The true incidents that happened in Kerala have become a devotional movie titled ‘Krishnam’. The film revolves around the tale of a millionaire and his family with three sons, who are devotees of Lord Krishna. Everything in their life was picture-perfect until the millionaire’s third son was diagnosed with Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis. It’s a rare disease that occurs to one among a million, which is critically hazardous. Although there is a medical solution, it is only through a surgery that will extend for hours and it’s really a life-threatening situation for patients to survive it. However, the entire family banked its faith and hope on Guruvayur Krishna with earnest prayers.

Dr. Sunil, one of the most reputed doctors in Kerala prepared the surgery with this medical team consisting of two doctors from United States. Unfortunately, to everyone’s shock Dr. Sunil fell down unconscious, which appalled the entire medical team. However, he was back to normal condition in 30 minutes following which the surgery was completely successfully. The family members were so much elated that their prayer to Guruvayur Krishna didn’t go in vain.

Soon as the surgery was completed, a boy from Guruvayur had enquired about the patient’s health condition. In fact, he came once again to the house as well to see the health improvement. At the tail end, the family members went back to Guruvayur to enquire about the visitor, but discovered no such person of that identity. At the same time when the surgery happened in hospital, a phone call from Guruvayur inquiring about the boy’s health had made the family members inquisitive to know who it could be. Nonetheless, they were yet again surprised to uncover the truth no such person is there. The family instantly believed that it was Lord Krishna, who came in the disguised form of a young boy.

Apparently, the family felt the need to reveal this miracle to the world and wanted to record this incident through this film. While the film will be simultaneously released in Tamil and Malayalam, the film will have Akshay Krishnan, the survivor of this disease appearing in the lead role. Aishwarya Ullaas will be seen in the female lead character. Sai Kumar, Shanthi Krishna, Vijay Babu, Vineeth, Rajeev Panicker, Jayakumar, Anjali Upasana and few more will appear in important roles.

The film will retain the record of real-life incidents involving the miracles of Guruvayur Krishna that happened to the family. Recently, Producers of Sri Thenandal Films were pretty impressed after watching the film and have decided to release it across Tamil Nadu. The movie slated for release in January in Malayalam, Telugu & Tamil simultaneously.

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