Kaththi: Lyca Subaskaran Allirajah finally opens up about Vijay and the controversies

Here is Subaskaran Allirajah’s exclusive interview to a Tamil magazine. This is the first time Subaskaran has opened up about the controversies surrounding Kaththi. 

Ayngaran International Karunakaran on Lyca Subaskaran: I was born in Sri Lanka. But, I moved out of the country 30 years back. I have been in the cinema industry for 27 years and Lyca Subaskaran has been a friend of mine for the past 20 years. He belongs to Mullaitheevu and he is one hundred pecent Tamilian.


“This is the first time I’m talking about Kaththi.”

  • I left Sri Lanka in 1989 itself. I don’t have any relatives in Sri Lanka anymore. All my family and relatives are in European countries. And more importantly, Tamils who live in London and many other countries have not raised any objections to Lyca. It is only people in Tamil Nadu who oppose us. If we are against Sri Lankan Tamils, why didn’t Tamils across the world oppose us? Why only in Tamil Nadu?
  • I don’t see this entire issue as something devised against Vijay. This is completely a business competition to oppose Lyca Productions. And, I have never met Mahinde Rajapakse. Why should I meet him? Doesn’t Rajapakse have anything else to do other than producing cinema in Tamil Nadu? First of all, what is the necessity for Rajapakse to produce Kaththi? Does the film have anything against Sri Lankan Tamils? If so, then the logic that Rajapakse might have funded the film would seem pertinent. Why should Rajapakse produce a film which offers no support to his side?
  • On Muthaiah Muralitharan: We offered monetary help to Muthaiah Muralitharan’s trust many years back. At that time, the photos of the same were published across the media. But, I’m totally not aware of his apolitical leanings and what he had been upto later on. I have been so busy and neck-deep in work in London. How honest it is to dig those pictures now and accuse me of something?
  •  On Vijay’s silence: Vijay has nothing to do with this problem. This is an orchestrated attack on our organization. So, I have not requested Vijay to speak about this. I’m not someone who took the production baton just recently. I have earlier produced Pirivom Santhipom too. There were no protests then. The reason is, the actors and the director involved in that film were not so popular like these people
  • On Seeman’s support: I have never met Seeman. Never spoken to him before and never seen him too once. That I’m doing a film with Seeman in future is a sheer rumor. Seeman is not supporting us. He is speaking the truth.
  • On doing a film with Suriya: We have never approached Suriya for a film before
  • On pro-Tamil groups and political activists: Vanniyarasu from Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi has told that they are opposing international organizations. I have only one thing to say to irresponsible political parties and organizations – “Tamil is my mother. No son would betray her mother. Please just understand that.

Tamil Film Producers’ Council President Keyar on Kaththi and Lyca

“We have not received any complaint stating Lyca is making films against the law. So, we have nothing to do with this.”