Seeman’s five pertinent questions in support of Vijay and Kaththi

Political activist, actor-director Seeman has raised five pertinent questions in a press meet yesterday in support of Vijay and Kaththi. The film has been under contention for the past few days for the involvement of Lyca Productions. Seeman was also accused by a section of Tamil groups for supporting the film which pro-Tamil activists say should be banned since their argument is that Subhaskaran of Lyca is a long-term business partner of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse.

  1. Why are people protesting against Kaththi? What is their motive? To protest against Lyca or Vijay? The allegation is that Lyca’s Subhaskaran has business ties with Rajapakse and they are one of the organizers of commonwealth games. We have fought on the ground insisting that noone from India should participate in Commonwealth Games. How many protests happened in countries where Lyca is situated?
  2. Were you guys waiting that Vijay will act in a film called Kaththi and we can all protest? Seeman is not a toy for you to use. I have spearheaded a lot of protests in the past few years. How many of you were part of those? How many of you supported me then? Where were you people? Why are you now shouting that Seeman is not protesting against Kaththi?
  3. I have raised my voice during elections. Where were you hiding then? What relation do Vijay and AR Murugadoss have with Lyca Productions? Karuna is a producer who earlier bankrolled films like Villu. That’s why they had signed the film with them. Karuna tied up with Lyca for monetary reasons.
  4. If this objection had been raised before starting the film, I would’ve told “Vijay, you don’t do this film. Murugadoss, you don’t direct this one. Karuna, you come out from Lyca and produce this film.” But, now the film has gone half way through and nearing completion. Who are you protesting against? Vijay or Lyca? Have you people protest voraciously like this if Kaththi featured newcomers? Protest against Lyca, I will stand by you. But not against the film.
  5. Everyone knows to create problems. We have been finding solutions for problems. We are not known to perpetually create problems. Who will believe that Rajapakse is funding to make a Tamil film? Can they make a film here with bad ideologies against Tamils? Kaththi has come out really well and it is going to be a wonderful film. Don’t stand against it. The war ground for Kaththi is not here, but in London. After this film, ‘If you tell them it’s enough, stop making films here, they will run away’, says Seeman.


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