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Burma Movie Review

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Screenplay & Direction
Cinematography & BGM

Barely Exciting!

Though Burma is not a must watch, it, certainly, is not a bad experience too. It is definitely a good attempt compared to all the garbage being dished out as commercial cinema here.

Cast: Michael Thangadurai, Reshmi Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Sampath, Madhu Raghuram, Sharath Kumar & Others. 

Cinematography: Yuva

Music: Sudharshan M Kumar

Editing: Vivek Harshan

Written & Directed by: Dharani Dharan

Produced by: Sudharshan Vembutty

Distributed by: SPI Cinemas

Release Date: 12-09-2014

Run Time: 01:39:00 

Dharanidharan’s Burma is a quirky, offbeat crime thriller centered on car-seizing and set in the backdrop of north madras. The film is barely exciting and the crisp duration seems to be the sole strength of an otherwise not-so-engaging flick.

It is a triangular crime story involving Burma (Michael), Guna (Sampath) and Setu (Atul Kulkarni). Burma who works for Guna feels that he is underpaid and cunningly used by his boss Guna and devises a plan to thwart his growth and send him to jail. Burma executes the plan successfully. The same thought is used again in the film later in the second half as a predictable twist. Burma is a skilled carjacker like Guna and he starts working loyally for Setu and earns his respect and most importantly, trust. Will Guna seek his revenge on Burma? Will Burma overthrow Setu and attain his position?

In between all the cat and mouse drama between these three, the director seems to have forcefully added a romantic track to the screenplay featuring Michael and Reshmi Menon. The carjacking techniques showcased in the film could have been done better with more meticulous details about the planning. The smartly done car thefts don’t look appealing on screen and lacks realism. But, there is some inventiveness in Dharanidharan’s writing and he has an absolute knack to knit hilarious scenes with most bizarre situations in the film. His screenplay reeks of subtle zany comedy with few standout dialogues. The pre-interval build up is easily the most engaging and best portion of the film, thanks to Dharani’s taut narration.

Though Michael, Atul Kulkarni and Sampath have done justice to their roles, it is Karthik Sabesh who brings the most memorable performance with his hilarious timing. He has done more than just provide laughs. Two thumbs up to Sudarshan M Kumar for a compelling background for the film. His score perfectly captures the film’s theme and atmosphere. Vivek Harshan has done a neat job with the editing, since the duration is one of film’s biggest strengths. It easily makes one overlook flaws that are otherwise gravely visible in the narration.

Don’t miss to watch the end credits of the film. The favorite cars of celebrities across India including Ajith, Vijay, Rajinikanth, Amitabh Bachchan and more are showed on screen. It’s pretty interesting to know. So, stay till the last frame.

Burma is definitely a good attempt compared to all the garbage being dished out as commercial cinema here. Though it’s not a must watch, it, certainly, is not a totally bad experience either.


Burma Movie Review Rating:  2.75/5