Kanni Maadam Movie Review

Bose Venkat’s directorial debut is a decent attempt with the backdrop of honor killings. Down goes our Kanni Maadam Movie Review.

Director Bose Venkat’s directorial debut in Kanni Maadam is a watchable emotional drama that finds itself in the Kadhal-Sairat zone. The film has the backdrop of honor killings, but doesn’t explore the same too far, resulting in a melodramatic outing that delivers a couple of good performances and a message.

The film starts off with a young couple who have eloped from their village coming down to Chennai and bumping into an auto driver. The trio then begin to form a relationship as neighbors, but a freak accident leads to the loss of one soul, thereby turning everything upside down. Bose Venkat packs the film with sorrow, scene after scene, never getting out of the depressing mood that he wishes to hurl out on the audiences. There are a handful of funny moments thanks to Aadukalam Murugadoss who does a good job, but otherwise, the film is wholly filled with a sad feeling. The concept of honor killing has already given us a memorable film in Kadhal, but here, the motives are not explored fully which results in a moderate film which could have been much better. However, there are a couple of shocking scenes which would definitely find a place in your head, so be prepared for it.

All the lead actors are good fits to their roles, especially actress Saya Devi who does a very good job. Sreeram Karthick passes through with a cardboard-ish act while Vishnu Ramaswamy makes an impact with the minimum scenes that he has. Amidst the supporting cast, it is actor Gajaraj who has a peculiar role to play. Technically and musically, the film is blessed to have some good frames and a couple of melodious numbers.

Bose Venkat definitely could have been clearer with his objectives, as lot of questions are raised in terms of his motive, when the film ends. Nevertheless, Kanni Maadam is a decent emotional drama that will prick you if you do develop a liking to the space that it sets you in.

Verdict: A watchable emotional drama.

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