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Iraivan Movie Review

Director Ahmed moves away from his previous films with a thriller that stays true to the genre and is well written in parts. Below goes our Iraivan Movie Review.

Psycho killer thrillers have been explored to a huge extent with the recent Por Thozhil too working out to a large extent. In the same way, Jayam Ravi’s Iraivan comes along as a psychopath thriller where a cop goes in search for a killer who has been abducting young girls at will in the city.

Director Ahmed, known for his films such as Vaamanan, Endrendrum Punnagai and Manithan departs to an entirely different genre with this film, which tries its best to stay true to the genre and does not have many deviations except for a romantic track with Nayanthara that does not hamper the story much. After a slow drive in the first hour, the film picks up pace towards the interval and manages to bring in a fine twist. However, the second half does not contribute much in terms of the thrills and is mostly very dreary even after the big reveal of the film is done. The film is well written in parts but hardly has any logic or thrill in its narration, and loses the momentum that it holds to an extent in the first half.

Jayam Ravi’s performance is the saving grace of the film, as he does very well in the emotional scenes of the film and shoulders it well altogether.

The other characters in the film do not contribute much, it is Narain who does his job fine in a cameo. Rahul Bose is apt as the villain, but there could have been more in the film as even the change halfway does not match up to the hype that the trailer promised.

The film is technically strong in terms of cinematography and editing, but Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music and BGM does not add any value to the thrill in the film.

On the whole, Iraivan is a film that does not deliver what the trailer promised. It is Jayam Ravi who once again stands up and pushes the wagon forward.

Verdict – A middling thriller that hardly has anything going for it. 

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