“Enakkul Oruvan is not a frame-to-frame remake of Lucia”

Prasad Ramar, director of Siddharth’s upcoming film Enakkul Oruvan, has assured that his film is not a frame-by-frame remake of the original Kannada film Lucia. “When I decided to remake the film, I realised I won’t be changing much of the scenes but as a director I’d present it differently to suit Tamil sensibilities. It was challenging but I asked how I would present the same story if I were to remake the film,” says Prasad to IANS.

“Siddharth is a fabulous actor. When he came on board, he knew exactly what was required for the character from him. It’s going to be a milestone in his career and audiences are going to remember the film for a long time,” said Prasad when asked about Siddharth.

Produced by CV Kumar, Enakkul Oruvan stars Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi and Srushti Dange in the lead. It has music by Santhosh Narayanan.

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