Highlights of Uttama Villain audio launch

The audio launch of Uttama Villain was grand, provoking, poignant, slick and innovative, just like watching Kamal Haasan on the big screen. A lot of interesting vignettes were shared by crew members and we have a compiled a list of highlights that would make for an interesting read for our viewers.

The most appealing part of the evening was Parthiepan hosting the event. He was at his witty best and left the audience in splits occasionally with his extraordinary wordplay (pun intended).

KAMAL: Ka – Kalaigalil Ma – Maraname Il – Illaadhavan, started Parthiepan in his trademark style. Before the crowd began to soak in the fun, a moving tribute of sorts, a poignant letter penned by K Balachander to Kamal Haasan was shown on screen. “Kamal Haasan is beyond competition, he is beyond rivals,” said a part of the letter. We hope the full letter is revealed soon to cherish the words of KB. 

Hey Kamal, I’m proud of you my son was the letter’s finishing note. A few seconds of silence and in walked Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan to the stage. He was moist-eyed. Humbled. Overwhelmed with love pouring from all quarters. He took sometime for himself on the dais till the thundering applause and ear-splattering wolf-whistles ceased.

“May be, Rajinikanth would have survived without a mentor called KB. He might have done films like Muruattu Kaalai and found his foothold in the industry. But, I would have been nowhere if it’s not for KB,” said Kamal Haasan who also promised to be his disciple forever and carry forward his rich legacy.

KB sir ezhuthunathu ‘uyil’, Kamal sir ezhuthunathu ‘uyir’ avaroda uyir,” said Parthiepan after a letter penned by Kamal Haasan to KB was shown on screen. 

Raaj Kamal Films la naanum nadichirukanu oru record ipo enaku iruku. My character name is Margadharsi. Yaar intha Margadharsi? K Balachander. My role is almost my real-life personality,” said KB in a brief AV.

Nassar broke down on stage while recalling his tumultuous phase when his son was admitted in the hospital during the shooting of the film. And, he went on explain how Kamal took so much care of him and never battled an eyelid to get regular updates from the hospital. “I may forget the 500 plus films I have acted thus far. But, I’ll never forget Uttama VillainIt’s carved inside my heart,” said Nassar on a moving note. 

Director Ramesh Aravind took long time to thank his crew members than the time he took for the rest of his speech. “The biggest tribute that we can give to the great man (KB) is to love cinema like he did. Thanks to the pride of Indian cinema, Kamal Haasan for giving me this opportunity. He is a true master of cinematic craft,” said an exuberant Ramesh Aravind.

April la Puli (Tiger, not the Vijay film) varuthu. Puli mela gambeerama ukanthu Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan varuvar,” said Ramesh.

One part of the film is set in the 20th century and the other in 8th century. While the 20th century part is a social drama, the other is a musical comedy. You will see emotions, comedy, action and whatever you have seen in a Kamal Haasan film will be present here too,” said Ramesh.

Kamal sir and KB sir’s clash in the film will be one of the best scenes in Tamil screen. Uttama Villain will be a film our entire crew will be proud of in the future,” concluded Ramesh.

Other important quotes

  • Company peru Thirupathi Brothers padam release ku apparam Thirupathi undiyal- Parthiepan 
  • Only because of Kamal sir, I could compose diverse genres like neo-classical, impressionism at the early stage of my career – Ghibran
  • Vaathiyar ke paadam solli kudukra ore aal avar thaan – Gnana Sammandham
  • Marabu kalaigalukku mariyathai seiyyum oru manasaatchi kalaignan – Subbu Arumugan, a veteran Villupaattu specialist
  • Vaazhkai saagavum katrukudukkum. I believe in humans – Kamal Haasan

Then, the audio was launched finally with Kamal Haasan connecting Shruti Haasan, who is in Mumbai, via FaceTime and sending her the audio file. But, what Kamal Haasan missed to note is the Skype logo on screen which made it obvious that it was a recorded video. Nevertheless, it was a well-organized, enjoyable audio launch event.

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