Draupathi Movie Review

Richard Rishi and Sheela Rajkumar are very good in this watchable sophomore outing from Mohan G. Below goes our Draupathi Movie Review.

Mohan G’s Draupathi is an engaging drama that brings about an important issue to the fore, and makes a watchable film out of it. The film’s intentions are clear right from the word go, and though it has shortcomings in the form of a weak support cast and the liberties it takes, it comes off as a film that has enough in it to create a debate.

Draupathi is the story of a man and his wife, and the tale surrounding their relationship. What starts off as a regular revenge drama turns very serious as the ulterior motive of the protagonist comes into the limelight. The film progresses in the first half hanging on to a small suspense element, which is opened up post the interval point. The flashback portions featuring Richard Rishi and the super impressive Sheela are the best parts of the film, and they hold onto the core until the final stretch of the film which is a long drawn out, dialogue driven episode which puts a lot of facts out.

Richard Rishi delivers a matured performance, making sure that he doesn’t overdo anything anywhere. Ably supporting him is Sheela, who is the best performer in the film for sure. Her portions add weight to the proceedings, and help the film touch delicate quarters with ease.

Karunaas is the other actor in the cast who has a very good presence, in a short and effective role. The rest of the cast are amateurish, and the film simply moves on by making use of them for name sake.

Draupathi’s core is built on many real life incidents, which make the film relatable, especially to those in the lower belts of Tamil Nadu. The film has its own share of negatives, but it still manages to pass muster and deliver its ideals in a strong manner. The content is watchable, but what’s more important is the debate that it could create in the days to come.

Verdict: Strong intentions put forward in this mostly engaging drama.

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