Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Movie Review

Dulquer and Ritu Varma shine bright in this entertaining rom-con film that has several good moments. Here goes our Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Movie Review.

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Movie Review

A tasty, thoroughly enjoyable entertainer!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Tamil cinema has lately been under the influence of guns and knives, with action thrillers being the only space that directors are ready to explore. But after Oh My Kadavule recently, its refreshing to see another valuable addition to the breezy rom-com genre, with a thriller element that makes it all the more exciting. Here’s Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, a film that is as long as its name, but still keeps us entertained for the entire runtime.

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal takes up the space of a jolly, free-flowing romantic comedy at first, with colorful visuals coming in. Slowly, the film gets thicker in skin and gives us some brainy ideas that keep us entangled to the proceedings. Of course, this interest generated is due to the presence of the four leads in Dulquer, Ritu, Rakshan and Niranjana who all carry out their parts effectively. When Gautham Menon enters the scene as a stiff cop, things work out even better and land up at the supremely effective interval bang that gives us a high. The second half, similarly moves in unpredictable fashion with some interesting turns in the screenplay which could have been presented a little better but still manage to hold our attention until the very end.

It’s refreshing to see Dulquer come forward and get involved in such a film that gives him a new shade, allowing him to be the uber cool guy that he has within. His voice, body language and natural swag makes him a perfect fit to the role, and it’s great to see him rule the roost with his perfect Tamil diction too.

And Dulquer gets amazing support from the motor-mouth Rakshan, who is a whiff of fresh air differing from the other comedians who are making rounds in Tamil cinema today. Both the female members of the cast in Ritu Varma and Niranjana are solid too, with the former making use of the opportunity to exhibit multiple shades. The surprise package is definitely Gautham Menon, who is terrific in a full-fledged role that allows him to be the stylish man that he truly is.

Technically strong, the film has very good cinematography by Bhaskaran who aids it with the visual idea of a Bollywood rom-com. The music by Masala Coffee could have been better with respect to the songs, but it would be wrong to say that they don’t look good on screen. The re-recording by Harshvardhan Rameshwar is another enticing aspect of the film, with some really enjoyable BGM cues.

On the whole, Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal is an enjoyable entertainer that delivers the goods. If you go in with zero expectations, you are bound to have a great time finding yourself a kind of film that doesn’t hit our shores too often. Give it a try! Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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