Dhanush to host Anegan team’s next get-together

After the success of Anegan, the team has been organizing a weekly or fortnightly get-together spearheaded by their technical crew and cast. While producer arranged a party in the first weekend, it was followed by art director Kiran, writers Suba and costume designer Anu. All these get-together had technicians and artists who worked in the film. But, the recent party organized by editor Kola Baskar involved spouses and children of every one worked in the film.

“We also posed a set of 10 questions to our spouses asking them about the pet names they have for their husbands and how their partners call them, what they each do when they get angry with their better halves, the favourite heroine of their husbands and so on and recorded it on camera,” says KV Anand. Dhanush will host the team’s next get-together and responses of gathered in the last party will be edited and screened in their next meet-up.

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