D Block Movie Review

Arulnithi leads a middling thriller that needed more excitement. Down goes our D Block Movie Review.

Arulnithi is one actor who always finds a way to pick scripts that interest audiences, and his latest film in D Block is something different as he has returned to the horror thriller genre again after Demonte Colony. But how did the film turn out to be?

D Block is based on a college campus where there is something weird taking place in the girls hostel. The film keeps alternating between the funny events that take place during the daytime and the creepy things that happen over the night. The first half moves at an okayish pace and does not have much to contribute to but for a couple of jokes, a solid song (Ice Katti Kuruvi) and some other forced jump scares. It is only in the second half that D Block picks up pace, but still, it does not garner much attention as it follows the cliches associated with the genre leading to a mad climax.

Arulnithi delivers a neat performance in the lead role, and has put in an effort to look the part of a college student. Along with him, Adithya Kathir lends a fine performance to the film and brings up good jokes at many places. The rest of the cast are decent fits, and have functional roles to play.

Ron Yohann’s music is well done as he is able to bring in the spooky effect of the film in the right way.

Eruma Saani’s Vijay K. Rajendran has chosen a genre that the youth will develop a liking to for the film, but his screenplay has been written in a very basic manner. There are not many exciting moments in the screenplay, and there is very less to cheer for on the whole. Overall, D Block is a thriller which needed more novelty and excitement in its narrative, and that should have worked better for the film.

Verdict: A decent mystery thriller that could have done with more novelty! 

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