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Chennai 2 Singapore Songs Review

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Vaadi Vaadi
Texas Pogiraen
Ro Ro Roshini
Pogadhe (Female)
Gun Inbam

Mildly invigorating music.

Ghibran’s city-styled compositions for Chennai 2 Singapore fall short in comparison to his earlier gems, but nevertheless, the album does possess minute moments of his musical brilliance at places. For starters at least, it shows signs of the composer branching out into untrodden territories.

Cast: Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandiran, Anju Kurian, Shiva Keshav, Emcee Jesz

Music: Ghibran

Direction: Abbas Akbar

Label: Think Music India

Vaadi Vaadi: Singer – Rajan Chellaih

A totally compelling road song which strikes the jackpot on first hear. Got to love the way how the music conveniently shifts between the loops and the bass. Rajan Chellaih does a great job on the mic, this is our PICK.

Poda: Singers – RJ Balaji, Abishek 

Packed with fun, this utterly random rap track with its crazy lines is something which you’ll turn your head to. RJ Balaji takes over the first part of the song, while Abishek comes in later to recite the lyrics at top speed. Another PICK!

Pogadhe: Singer – Rajan Chellaih 

Contrary to his first track in the album, this one from Rajan Chellaih fails to impress at the first level. A very minimalistic pathos with nothing to takeaway.

Texas Pogiraen: Singers – Narrow Smith, Sharanya Gopinath 

At first, this song does give you the ‘what am I listening’ feel. The so-called Narrow Smith is a sure revelation with his peculiar voice, singing out the nonsensical lyrics which might just make you laugh. Good support by Sharanya Gopinath in this song which will go down as something different. Our PICK.

Ro Ro Roshini: Singer – Nivas 

Though the tune feels like it has come straight out of a recent hit, the lively instrumentals help this through. Decent, at best.

Pogadhe (Female): Singer – Suthashini

The female version of the third track from the album, and it does sound better than the counterpart. Suthashini seems to be a good find, and the localized setup works in favour of the song.

Gun Inbam: Singer – Emcee Jesz, Sharanya Gopinath, Abbas Akbar, Shabir 

A very low lying rap track, which does not do anything special to rise up. The worn out musical doesn’t excite at all.

Chennai 2 Singapore Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas