Bharathiraja condemns central government’s silence on Cauvery row

Filmmaker Bharathiraja has been long known for his fierce statements at various public events. Now, he has released a lengthy statement regarding the ongoing Cauvery violence and condemned the central government for its stoic silence.

“The act by Kannada organizations stimulating Murderous attacks on Tamilian’s setting fire to our vehicle and unleashing violence in association with Karnataka Government and Political Parties in the Cauvery issue against the judgment of Supreme Court are condemnable. The central Government’s silence on the tense situation in Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border for the past one week and also on the violence against Tamilians is regrettable. The Central Government should have intervened and take steps to find permanent solution to Cauvery river and also ensure that Tamilians are not attacked. Tamil Nadu is still today known for its hospitality. One leader united the nation; another leader helped the united nation to get freedom,” reads his statement.

“Today there are hundreds of leaders in the and l request all of them country to find a good solution to the whole issue. And they should find a solution irrespective of their party and politics. It is the duty of the central and state government to ensure full protection to the lives and properties of Tamilians in Karnataka. Law and Order have deteriorated in Karnataka. In spite of 144, the violence was uncon and lot of tamilians suffered to the depth of their life I request security should be provided to Tamilians at the earliest. Those who have read history knows very well that Tamilians in large Numbers were part of Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army who fought for India’s Independence and they included Burmese Tamilians from our own land. When an attempt was made to kill Gandhi in Africa, a Tamil man took the bullet in his chest and sacrificed his life to save Gandhi. A proud Gandhi had said ‘If I have another birth, I want to be born Tamilian.”

“Recently over 1.50 Lakhs Tamils were killed and when we were down with sorrow, killing of 20 Tamils in the name of Punishment for cutting trees in Andhra Pradesh happened. Attacking Tamilians over Mullai Periyaru Dam Issue shocked us a lot and we doubt whether we are living in this country where Tamilians are targeted. Central government has not interfered in this Cauvery issue and I sincerely request them to set things right before situation goes out of control and youngsters here decide to govern their regions on their own like 500 Years ago,” he added.

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