Baahubali 2 pre-sales alone makes it highest-grossing Indian film in USA on opening day

With the premieres all set to happen tonight in the USA, Baahubali 2 has already grossed $3 Million in pres-sales, confirmed USA distributor Great India Films in a press note. “In a first for a South Indian film, all hard drives and KDM’s have arrived at the cinemas 24 hours
prior to the first show. As a result, there will be no issues with show cancellations or delays in even the smallest of markets. We would like to thank the producers Arka Media of the film as well as Real Image/Que Cinema, Digital Cinema United, and IMAX for facilitating such a large and challenging release in a smooth fashion.”

Great India Films also said that advance ticket sales have already eclipsed the highest-grossing Indian film (of any language) on opening day. “We have passed $3 million in pre-sales and are adding almost $100,000 to this total every hour. Make sure, if you haven’t already, to
book your tickets in advance to avoid the disappointment of going back from a sold-out show. With many theaters having reserved and luxury seating, as well as large-screen and lMAX formats, we have something available for everybody. The film is also releasing in a record
breaking 425 theaters with over 1100 screens in North America alone,” the statement reads. 

Baahubali: The Conclusion is all set for worldwide release tomorrow.

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