Atlee at Bigil Audio Launch: It will be my best film in terms of writing

Director Atlee spoke with great confidence as usual at the Bigil audio launch. He also responded to his online trolls who tease him based on his skin color with a befitting reply. 

“I have a lucky shirt which I wear when I narrate my stories. It happened for Raja Rani and Theri. For Mersal, it didn’t fit me and I went with another shirt. It was only then I realized that my lucky charm isn’t the shirt, it’s Thalapathy Vijay. Again and again, whatever I write, I have only  Thalapathy Vijay in mind. I’m working with India’s best dancer and such a big star, I don’t feel like going away from him, even though I got a lot of big offers after Mersal,” said Atlee. 

“We are nothing without women. They are more powerful than what you think of. I can write the importance, but I need  Thalapathy Vijay to take the message to the masses. With Bigil, it happened in the right way. Bigil will be my BEST FILM in terms of writing. I myself have seen these trolls. Just like how Hindi and English are just languages, black is just a color. Haters are nobody but guys who love us so much. I’ve received comments about black and white, avan copy adikaraan and so much more. Winning them over is a part of my job and I continue to do that. Thanks to my family for my support,” he added. 

Bigil is all set for release for Diwali festival next month. 

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