Anbarivu Movie Review

Hip Hop Tamizha’s Disney+Hotstar release works as a clean entertainer for the family! Here goes our Anbarivu Movie Review.

Anbarivu Movie Review

An engaging, well packaged family entertainer!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Hip Hop Tamizha’s big fat entertainer in Anbarivu is a well-presented entertainer that packs in the goods needed to entertain audiences in the right ways. The film takes in ideas and plotlines from various existing films in Tamil cinema and delivers a potpourri of them all in a likeable way.

Anbarivu follows the story of Anbu and Arivu, two long-lost twins who go in different paths few days after their birth, after a family feud breaks out. While one grows up with his grandfather and his mother in their hometown, the other comes up with his dad in Canada. The film tracks the story of how the brothers work together to bring their family back to shape.

The first half of the film is busy establishing the relationships, the characters, having some fun moments and also putting together the story on how the brothers meet each other and get things happening. Director Aswin Raam keeps his narrative to the minimum guarantee, ensuring that audiences will develop some interest towards the film. Though the comedy and the stunt sequences do not work out big time, there is an underlying emotion in the film that clicks and that is more than enough to drag it along. Post the interval, the film gets a bit better even though its focus is set on many things instead of just the familial issue.

Anbarivu has Hip Hop Tamizha in fine touch, as it is the film which gives him the most of the emotional work to do in his career so far.

As Arivu, Aadhi is really good in the film, being the dominant of the two roles and enacted to near perfection. The film has an awesome support cast in the form of Napolean, Saikumar, Asha Sharath, Dheena and others. The villain’s role is the best of the lot and Vidaarth does a very good job at it, offering spice to the proceedings.

Musically and technically, the film is functional and does whatever is required.

On the whole, Anbarivu is a fine festive entertainer that has many things going for it including Hip Hop Tamizha’s performance and the support cast.  Anbarivu Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Anbarivu Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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