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Action Movie Review

Vishal showcases his stunt competence yet again, whereas Sundar C has totally gone out of his comfort zone. Below goes our Action Review.

Sundar C’s films have always been about the commercial packaging that he is known for, in addition to the glamour and the comedy. However, he takes a U-Turn towards being different with his new offering in Action, which tries to stay true to its title by adding in fight scenes wherever possible. Action starts off with a fight sequence, but then moves on into Sundar C’s commercial ground, where he sets up the plot using the multiple characters that he has. What could have been a stylish espionage thriller then changes itself into a revenge drama that has a lot of ‘Action’ and little something else.

Vishal plays Subash, a colonel who gets affected by his familial losses and the responsibility that he has on his shoulders due to that. In come the other characters like the love interest in Aishwarya Lekshmi, the colleague in Tamannaah, the brother in Ramki and so on. The first half is done quite well with a subplot involving a girl helping it out, but the second half falters to hold our interest and does not come together nicely. Sundar C has used the backdrop of films like Baby and Argo to weave his film, and he does in grand fashion though it doesn’t excite us much. At the end, Action qualifies for nothing more than a guilty pleasure that you should watch without complaining.

While Vishal fits the bill well, almost all the other actors are miscast in the film and do not contribute anything big. On the technical side, Dudley gives it some good colors and classy locations, while Hip Hop Tamizha reuses his old cues for the background score.

Verdict: A decent commercial film that ticks half way in all department.

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